Pole Dancing Techniques

Many individuals get bored with just exercising on the treadmill. It seems that it is all the same things. If you have a television in front of you while you are exercising, it is a bit different – but in the end it will still be boring. Many individuals who are bored from just exercising and walking no the tread mill turn to dancing.

There are times that even doing regular dances can get boring, so why not turn to something that has a bit of spark to it? We’re talking about pole dancing. Pole dancing is something individuals have been doing for many years now. When you think about pole dancing, you may just be thinking about clubs and the poles that are on stages. Did you know that you can actually get those poles and have them in your home?

We believe the bedroom would be a great place to keep your dancing pole. After all, you would not want your family or friends to come over and see a big pole in your living room, their minds will only begin to wonder and you probably do not feel like explaining it. Then if you explain to them that the pole was only for exercising, they’ll think you’re not telling the truth. Now that we have clarified that one up, you should pay attention to the next paragraph, because we are going to tell you what you should do as you are pole dancing.

When you have decided to do some pole dancing, then there are some techniques we believe you should use. Before you start your pole dancing techniques in front of someone or in front of a large crowd, you may want to try pole dancing out while you are alone. This will save you from embarrassment if you do not like it and it will also give you time to get more of a feel of the pole.

If you are a pole dancer, then you should think of that pole as your best friend, think of it as something that you want…that you need. Since you are becoming a pole dancer, you might as well take the time to find the other girls best friend – we’re talking about outfits. As a pole dancer, you will need to wear outfits that are sexy. Those outfits should be something that best fit your body and show your body off at the same time. What? You didn’t think you could do pole dancing with nothing on, did you?

As you are doing your pole dancing “exercise” if you have one partner in the room, you should always keep eye contact with that partner. This adds a more exotic feel to the pole dancing and will make it really sexy and it will be sure to turn you partner on even more. As a pole dancer, you must have great taste in music. Seriously, you do not want to start your pole dancing experience off with listening to “country” music or something like that. You need something that has a beat. However, you will need to be able to follow that beat, or it will just look lame. You could come up with pole dancing techniques on your own time when you are by yourself. Most of all, make sure you are confident about yourself.