Learn the Art of Pole Dancing

Whether you are looking for some wedding night fun or if you’ve been married for awhile, pole dancing is a great way to spice up your bedroom life. Just looking for a fun new exercise? Learning how to pole dance is a great way to get in shape.

Reasons To Learn How To Pole Dance

1: You want a fun and new exercise routine
2: You want to spice up your marriage and surprise your husband
3: You want a new hobby
4: You think it would be cool to learn
5: Graceful on the Pole

It’s not all about the bedroom

Some people may automatically think stripper, but pole dancing really is an art. This video tastefully shows the strength and flexibility required to master this art.

Tips For Pole Dancing

Be confident. Know you are sexy and embrace it.

Maintain eye contact with the person you are dancing for

Dress sexy, but make sure it compliments your body type

Use the right kind of music. Music can make or break the mood.

Do-It-Yourself Pole Dancing – Sometimes you need a little privacy

Sure you can shell out the cash to take a pole dancing course but if you are on the shy side you might want to do a trial run with one of these self instruction books or videos.

It looks easy to jump up on that pole and swing but it isn’t. You have to start slowly and PoleCats 1 is a beginners DVD that helps you do that.

The Art of Exotic Dancing shows you step by step how to work over 30 moves. There are also stretching exercises and a few tips for making it easier to use the pole.

If you are more of the reading type then the Complete Idiots Guide to exotic and pole dancing is something you might want to check out. This book also comes with a 60 minute DVD.

Pole Katz is more of an intermediate level dvd but beginners can learn from it too.

Your Own Pole – Because You Have To Practice

If you are going to learn how to pole dance then you’ll obviously need a pole. Don’t think that buying a pole will be an expensive and invasive task. In fact, many poles on the market make it easy for you to put up and take down at your convenience.

Don’t plan on doing extraordinary things will this pole, but the Peekaboo Pole is good for basic and light practice. There are better poles then this one but for the price it’s decent.

The Lil Mynx Dance Pole does not bolt to the floor or ceiling. The removable nature lets you keep the dance pole in place when you want to use it, and remove it when you have company coming for dinner.